To be the ultimate source for improving the skiing experience! We will approach each skier individually and personally, offering the absolute maximum in service and dedication. We know that the currency of our paydays will come often as money, but sometimes as respect or referrals, all of which are seeds, sewn for our growth and success. Ours is a commitment to growing the sport of skiing through technical knowledge, personal relationships, networking and a focus on the skiing community of Southern California. We will create exceptional value for our clients and our staff by adhering to the following core principals.

We build personal relationships with our clients and among ourselves by skiing together weekly. “Closed Wednesdays for skiing!”

We offer the highest quality products and services: Tested by our staff.

We are the most knowledgeable and experienced skiing professionals in our market.

We ski and work with our clients to add value and achieve quality results for them and ourselves.

We have over 35 years experience with the Southern California Skier.

We have the autonomy to make decisions.

We constantly train to have the resources and fundamental skills to satisfy the needs of all our clients, thereby ensuring their and our success.